Thursday, November 6, 2008

Black and Whites

Hey guys! So it just hit me that we're trying to raise money, and our art will be on sale...
I don't sell people. hah. What I mean is... I don't like selling or giving away any of my portraits. I don't feel comfortable with random people having my friends on their walls, or wherever.. and I don't have any model release forms either =P
Unless it's some crazy abstract, or an amazingly creepy surreal photo, or a beautiful silhouette, I just can't sell 'em. I don't mind exhibiting them though.
So I'm debating whether to show only black and white photos, or both BnW and Color.Here's a few BnW that I had in mind:
I'll look for more. Those are just a few that I currently still have on my computer. Everything else is stored in CDs.